We are aware that some users are unable to access the system.  Engineers are looking into the issue and we hope to have a resolution shortly.  

We would like to remind you that as soon as we know anything in these circumstances, we will always post announcements on our support homepage, http://support.1-up.co.uk . We have server monitoring in place and are normally aware of any problems well in advance of most of our end users.

In the event of any such issues with the system, we need to devote all our efforts to working with the engineers to report and diagnose the problem so it is not practical for us to respond to inbound calls and tickets at these times.

By default, all accounts are configured to receive a nightly "Arrivals and Departures Email" around 11pm. Whilst this cannot take the place of the system, it does at least provide you with important information about which guests are arriving / leaving, the room they are in and the value of the booking.

Once any pending issue has been resolved, we will update the announcement on the support homepage.


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