Understanding rates

Rates in iBex separate out into two parts.

  • First we describe the rate name, the base number of people we price for, any extra people allowed (enabling for room or occupancy based pricing), whether it's valid for adults, children and infants, and any inclusions (eg breakfast). Also, which room types and User Groups the rate is valid for.
  • Then we define the amount of money we'll be charging for this, between a range of dates - this is known as a "Rate Period".

This makes things very powerful compared with some other systems.

For example, we don't need to configure multiple room types to cope with occupancy based pricing. Your current / previous software might have a rate for a "Double room for single occupancy", and one for "Double room for double occupancy."

We can also use the same rate for a double and a twin room if they are priced the same.

Under the "Rates & Min Stays" heading, click on "Maintain rate rules" to view this page where we set up the rate definition.


Here, (indicated in the purple box) is how we would create a rate allowing us to set occupancy based pricing of a room which would hold 2 people.

It is ticked to be made available to any room type which holds 2 people (shown with the green box above), and is only valid on our own website via the "Main" user group.

We set the base number of people as Minimum=1, Maximum =1 and allow 1 extra person to be charged for. If you don't get that straight away, consider a 3 bedroom apartment holding 6 people. We'd set Min=1, Max=4 and Extra=2 allowing us to charge say £100 for 1,2,3 or 4 people and then perhaps an extra £10 each for the 5th and 6th guests if there were more than 4 in the party.

In the "Price Change - Long Term" menu link, you would see the calendar.


Here, the rate for our double and twin rooms has no 1 night rate value on Saturday, meaning a 2 night stay is always required (purple boxes).

The family rate offers a cheaper price Sunday through Thursday only if you stay for 2 or more nights (orange boxes).


When we click on a rate value in the grid, we get a pop up showing us the value for that day, but allowing us to change a rate for a range of days. By selecting a range> 7 days, we can set rates for specific days of the week.


So here, for every day except Saturday, for a 1 night stay, we are charging £75 for single occupancy (our base of Min=1, Max=1 people), with an additional £15 for the "Extra" person making £90 for double occupancy.

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