Staff Users and Booking Logs


Each account has a single master login, which has full administrative access for the account.  It's advisable to create different logins for each staff user, with a set level of access, depending on the authority they need to be given (click here for details on setting up staff users).   Each user can be created with their own email address, so that in the event that they need to reset their password, the email containing a reset link, will be sent to them individually (click here for details on how to reset your login password)




Not only is it possible to create individual logins for staff users, with differing levels of access, it’s also possible to keep track of actions performed by each user.   Within the Overview tab of each individual booking record, a booking log appears.  The log lists the time, date and staff user ID responsible for each action made to a booking eg: check-in, addition of extras, change of unit, cancellation etc.




Similarly, the Booking Log Report within the Reports section, allows you to view all actions performed by a staff user, for a specified date range, or to search for an individual booking reference and view the actions made to it.



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