View & Change Rates for the Coming Year

As we approach the end of 2015, now is the perfect time to check that rates are in place for the coming year and that any price increases for bank holidays and special events are set.

To check your rates, simply go to your ‘Rates & Minimum Stays Calendar’, either directly from your left-hand navigation menu, or from the tab on your Bookings Calendar.  Use the calendar widget to jump forward to next year, where you can view any pricing already in place.  For those of you using occupancy based pricing, only the base rate will be displayed.  To view the additional person pricing for any given date, simply place your cursor over the base rate price and a hover tip will appear.  The scroll arrows either side of the grid will allow you to scroll forwards and backwards to view the rates for the following/previous week.




For those of you using separate 'sales channel' rate plans, you can view these by selecting your selling grand group and rate modifier e.g. Agents– Sell Rate 1 from the drop down menu to the top right of the screen.  



Changes can be made to your rates using either the 'Long Term' or 'Short Term' method and you are able to quickly switch between the two, by clicking the option above the pricing grid.  The simple Short Term method allows you to make a number of changes over a short period of time, by manually typing the price into the grid and then saving once the alterations are complete.  The Long Term method, gives you the option to set prices for a chosen date range, set based on day of the week or set 'indefinitely' (click here for our tutorial on making rate changes).

After any extensive changes to your rates, we recommend resyncing any sales channels connections.  This will instantly push the new pricing, rather than queuing a large number of rate amendments.  For the simple instructions on how to do this, click here.


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