Diarising Events and Setting Daily Task Lists

Diarising Events and Setting Daily Task Lists.


The 'Events' bar on the Bookings Calendar allows you to diarise an event - this could be an event at the property - such as a wedding - a local event, or it could simply be used as a way of logging public holidays.  The Events row is enabled per login, from the Screen Options settings, just above the booking calendar itself.   Events are added in the same way as a booking - by clicking on the date cell.  A pop-up will appear, allowing you to enter the event name, date range and details.  


 Once saved, the event will appear on the bar and any added notes, will appear as a hover tip, when the cursor is moved over the event cell.  It isn't possible to add multiple events for the same day, due to the size of the cell, however, a suggested workaround, would be to add a generic title, such as 'Events', and then to bullet-point the various events within the Details field.



The task lists option on the Arrivals & Departures screen, allows you to save daily staff task lists and these can be entered by simply typing text into the field and clicking Save Tasks (adjusting the date on the screen, means that task lists can be added for future dates).   If a task has been saved to the task list, it will be emailed out to the property, along with the arrivals/departures list for that  specific date (click here for details on configuring the automated arrivals/departures list email).






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