Creating Promotions

Creating Promotions.


There are various different ways to create promotions in iBex - from generating promotional codes, in order to reward your guest with a complimentary item, to discounted rates for VIP guests.  The email template/scheduler functionality can be utilised, in order to automatically email promotional offers to a guest, following their departure and guest details can easily be extracted from the customer database, in order to run a mailshot campaign.


Promo Codes

The Promo Code functionality allows your guests to enter a code during their online booking process, which will entitle them to a reward, such as a free item or an overall discount on their total booking value.  Each promo code is tied to an extra within the system, which means it's possible to create multiple promotional codes, each providing a different reward.  By setting extras rates for a specific date range, you can limit  the ‘shelf-life’ of each code.  (There is a small, additional monthly charge, for using the promo code functionality, therefore, it needs to be enabled by the support team.  Please raise a ticket if you’d like to use this option).  Click here for instructions on how to set up and mange promo-codes. 


Classic Booking Screens:



Date Based Booking Screens



Promotional Rates

This functionality differs from the promo code option, in that it allows you to offer discounted rates to a company or VIP client, via a registered user login code.  When your guest visits your booking engine, they will be invited to enter their exclusive login.  Once entered, the booking screen will refresh to display the discounted rate values.  It’s possible to restrict the rooms, rates and extras offered, so that only certain rooms and rate/extra plans are visible to the guest and therefore, bookable in your promotion.  For instructions on how to create promotional rates, click here.





Promotional Rate Plans

A very simple way of creating a promotion, is by setting up a new rate plan, with a standout promotional marketing name eg. ‘Easter Special Offer’.   

It’s possible to create an offer and apply it to multiple room types, or if a different price is required per room, to create an individual rate plan for each room type.  By only adding rates for a specific date range, you are able to restrict when the offer appears bookable on your website (and if applicable, through sales channels).  Click here for more details





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