Changes To Invoicing

There have been a few changes to the invoicing functionality, which we wanted to bring to your attention.  Previously, it was of no consequence whether a payment was created using the 'Casual Payment' option or the 'Guest' option.  




Following the changes to the invoicing functionality, the customer balance now displays on any invoices created.  If a payment is entered using the 'Casual' option, instead of the 'Guest' option, then an outstanding balance will be displayed on the invoice for the customer account.  This means that payments should be entered using the 'Guest' option, rather than using 'Casual'. 




However, some properties use the 'casual' payment option when creating invoices for group bookings, where each guest is paying separately.  An option here, is to have us disable the function that allows the customer balance to display on the invoice (please raise a ticket or call the support line to request that we do this for you).

You will also find that an 'Account Balance' total is displayed on the back-end invoice screen.  Even if we have disabled the customer account balance option to prevent this total being displayed on the guests invoice, this total will still be displayed to staff, so it's important that iBex/CaterBook users are aware of what this figure indicates.



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