Data Centre Migration

Our developers are migrating iBex to a new hosting platform in the early hours of Tuesday 19th of June 2018, starting at 01:00 BST. They estimate that the process will take 2- 2½ hours during which time iBex will be unavailable.
During this time we will not be updating availability to your connected channels nor will we receive any bookings from them. In most cases we will collect channel bookings subsequent to the outage although there will be some bookings where this is not possible and you will receive email or fax notification about these from the channel. You will need to load these bookings manually into iBex (or your external property management system).
If you have any concerns about double bookings from channels during this period then you may wish to “stop sell” your busiest periods for the duration of the outage. We advise doing this at least 1 hour before the migration starts to enable the updates to be received and processed by the channels before the outage.
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