Missing CVV Notification Emails from the old iBex Vault Platform

Some clients who haven't yet migrated to the Payment Express Vault Express platform, have reported issues with missing CVV emails from the old iBex vault.  These emails are being sent out by the system but appear to be being blocked by certain email providers.

We are investigating this issue, but in the meantime we recommend setting up a free gmail account to ensure you receive CVV emails. Gmail is known to work well with the ibex vault, but we still recommend whitelisting the following email addresses to ensure no more emails are missed: vault@seekom.com and vault@ibexres.com.  Users can change to the new email address within their vault settings or alternatively, we can assist with this, if you contact us via ticket or the supportline (01840 298298 select 2 for support)


For instructions on how to whitelist an email address in gmail - click here.

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